Jack Bandy is a Ph.D. student in Northwestern's Technology and Social Behavior program.

Research Topics

I study technology's role in spreading stories. Unless you exclusively read the news on a physical newspaper, there are algorithms involved in choosing which stories you see. Whether you are visiting the New York Times homepage, browsing Facebook, or scrolling through Apple News, software systems play a role in curating your information. I study the different consequences of algorithms acting as gatekeepers in today's news ecosystem, and have a broad interest in the upsides and downsides of automation.

Here are a few questions that myself and others in related fields are thinking about:

  • What happens when algorithms influence the news, movies, and music that we consume as a culture?
  • Should an algorithm be used in context of law and justice, such as choosing where police cars patrol? What are the implications of using such an algorithm?
  • How can we mitigate some of the negative impacts that new technology has on society? For example, how might we address human biases embedded in the training data and structure behind algorithms?
  • How might we design algorithms that embed positive human values?


Favorite Books, Stories, & Poems

Here are a few books, stories, and essays that have significantly influenced (and in most cases, guided) my thinking about human-computer interaction and/or life. I am always anxious to hear recommendations, so reach out if you have any!

Speeches, poems, etc.:

And some movies and television:


Find a PDF of my untrimmed CV here.

Personal Tidbits

Some personal information you may or may not care about: