Jack Bandy is a Ph.D. candidate in the Computational Journalism Lab, in Northwestern's Technology and Social Behavior program. His research explores algorithmic platforms like Twitter, Apple News, and TikTok, and how the algorithms behind these platforms impact the stories and information we encounter every day. Here is a visual guide:

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Some buzzwords and hot topics related to my research include: AI ethics, algorithm auditing, media ecology, data science, news deserts, and algorithmic bias.

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My Publications

This is a curated sample. For the full list, see my CV.

Research Focus

"The media is the most powerful entity on earth... Because they control the minds of the masses" (Malcolm X)

(Disclaimer: my research interests remain fairly broad, and I rewrite this every few months.)

Media power has always needed scrutiny, but recently, this power has shifted (from newspapers and journalists) to new algorithmic platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Apple News) that decide the stories we encounter every day. My research focuses on how these new platforms are abruptly changing the media ecosystem and the institution of journalism. Broadly, I am interested in the risks of computing/technology, and how to address those risks.

Books, Stories, & Poems

I now maintain a book list! But here are a few other stories and essays that have significantly influenced (and in most cases, guided) my thinking about human-computer interaction and/or life. I am always anxious to hear recommendations, so reach out if you have any!

Speeches, poems, etc.:

And some movies and television:


Find a PDF of my untrimmed CV here.


Some personal information you may or may not care about:

📢 Recent Updates / Resources (Last Edited May 2021):

May 2021: New op-ed (on police tech) in the Chicago Tribune 📰

May 2021: New working paper documenting BookCorpus 📚 📄

April 2021: New op-ed (on algorithmic transparency) in The Hill! 🏛

April 2021: CSCW 2021 Papers now in the official ACM Library! 😎

March 2021: Volunteered at FAccT 2021 🦜🙂

January 2021: I started tracking books I read 📖

December 2020: Three papers accepted to CSCW 2021! 📄📄📄😃

October 2020: New tool: a Rogers Park local news archive 🏘️📰

Augusts 2020: New "Tulsa Flop" paper about TikTok+collective action!

June 2020: Some tech+social justice resources from Ruha Benjamin ⚖️

June 2020: My Apple News research was featured by The Guardian 🙂

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